vrijdag 22 september 2017

Some tips for a simple life with less stress.

Some tips for a simple life with less stress.

1. Make a list of the five most important things in your life. A simple life begins at this step. What has you most value in life?

2. Evaluate your commitments. We all have many commitments. See all your commitments in the field of work, but also private and convert them one by one. Which are in line with the 5 most important things in your life and which are not?

3. Learn more say 'no'. A very important feature for a simple life. Someone who can not say no will to handle too many tasks in a day, and often these are also tasks that less urgent and not important.

4. Limit your communications. We have to deal every day with a mass communication via phone, email and social media. Try for yourself some time to be engaged in communication and ensure that the rest of the time left to have a rest for your daily tasks.

5. Limit the media. Television, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, try to limit them before they come to dominate your life. There is much more than the media. Be very strict and selective, determine what is essential for you and skip the rest over. Sign up below for a video of the tools I use to limit media.

6. Single-task rather than multitasking. Multitasking gives more stressful, difficult and unproductive. Focus on one task: single-task!

7. Ontspullen. Go down any room in your house and find out what is essential. Do the same for your clothes, your cabinets and anything you store your stuff in. For example, extract every week a room or storage space to. Read more about ontspullen.

8. Make a list of all your stuff. After much ontspullen it's time for a stuff-list. Adding all your stuff and write become aware of what you actually own. Look at my stuff-list that I made after rigorous cleanup. It was extremely clear for me to see what was left. My essence in terms of things: what I really use and adds value to my life.

9. Limit your buying habits. Go before you buy whether it is essential for you and think then about a month after. If you still think the product is a sign after thirty days to purchase it.

10. Make time for important things. Skip activities that waste time

11. Consider a smaller home. The bigger your house, the more cleaning and often pay more. I'm not saying you should go and live in a boat but a smaller home can help tremendously for a simple life. There are lots of really nice options for small spaces to transform into multifunctional places where you can do a lot and loops. Look for the challenge in a smaller house with lots of potential and desire not just to large and large.

Less space = less cleaning.

12. If you live without a car

13. Skip commercials. Commercials are made to convince you and make you feel it buy new stuff is important and good, and commercials are becoming smarter and more effectively in there. Break with commercials and embrace the peace.

14. Budgeting. Living on a budget sounds like as shabby but that's not at all. By watching each month and decide what you want to spend per expense category and living up to your money over to spare and no longer account for live charged.

15. Simplify your wardrobe. The more clothing, the more choices and therefore more stress. See your whole wardrobe again. What you actually pull more and what you got 30 days no longer supported? Would I buy it again if I would see it in stores?

16. And now away with the television. The television in my opinion is still the biggest troublemaker in a house. Zap, zap, zap. Cry, cry, cry. Grab an evening book, the chances are much greater that your life will change in a positive way.

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